The Calm Before

August, 2012

The leaves had turned up their backs even then,
the air ionized, soldering, smoking in dim light.
Shadows flickered in the whispering dark,
Smirking like smug bastards
keyed to secret locks.

Words, like honey
Never overripe but sickly cloying all the same,
Dripped slow down from your mouth,
like their viscosity overwhelmed the heat.
The wind whipped eddies, but
did nothing to tame the scorching night-
nor was my light a solace in the darkness.

Dark is never deep enough to hide betrayal, and
panic always did blind my
unblinking eyes clenched tight against the truth.
I was told that anxiety only grows when restrained,
locked away.
Your simpering reassurances, merely
sailboats against tidal waves.

I tried to hold myself steady, love,
but my sweaty hands slanted wax across the table
starting slow cinders that the storm
whipped into clarity and
I left you,


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