Because you would never dance with me

circa winter 2012

I find you everywhere,
Settled amid flour or soap cracks
During wine baths serving threads
Of actions long gone by.
There is never any room,
But wound into cracks
and crannies, you have stolen your fit.

There is balance in the space of living-
Rhythm and cadence and building
to forever combat breaking.
I would search for peace
Somewhere if you’d let me,
By dancing on headstones to
Juxtapose the sadness of goodbye.

I find you in cold snow
Between my toes and while
Holding live coals to fight the dark.
“Why say yes when you can say no?”
And I watched with baited breath
As you blew out the light.

I swore I would wait out your
Spliters and half pieces
And replace your cells with
New holes of my own.
Daily I keep cutting parts
And mending threads to make a whole,
You will find me dancing
Some winter on a gravestone
And won’t be able to sing along.


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