It has been in fact, far too long. This one is entitled “Room”

I decorate with dirty dishes
on window panes,
their adverts to my neighbors,
colours and variations and shapes and handles,
a broadcast.

I am prepared for all weather,
blankets, shades,
tissues, and chords.
Candles, lights, fans,
and a record player for
sleepless nights.

All kinds, I said.
These walls have held me home
and kept me alone.

I vacuumed everything,
piled all my things high on the bed
to reach the corners.
They were probably more comfortable dirty,
and I’ve never rested as well in my bed
as I did when you were here.
A single seems full now.

I decorate myself for view,
a site broken by half drained bottles and bowls.
The air is struck with LP serenades
that gather all my grace for the friends
watching through the windows.


One thought on “Room

  1. Wow…it may have been a while since you last posted but this is well worth the wait…some many powerful images in the poem…bravo!

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