a little experiment I did. I owe inspiration and many of these word to Simon and Garfunkel.

I am a rock and an island
set to a cheerful piping tune.
My smile is slight and
spills the past few months
in an elegant yet
warped grin. I know
Jesus loves me more than
I could know, but the world
is sitting my my shoulder
reminding me that she
once was a true love of mine.

Though my story is seldom told,
I am now a word stuck living in time.
I was told “I am sorry
life isn’t what you bargain for,
but one day we’ll know why.”
But I still ask where you’ve gone
and long to be homeward bound.

I will continue to smile.
And as I’m watching
out my window one morning,
I will pick myself up
from laying down,
and stop thinking I’d
rather sail away.

4/12 poem


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