There is a mouse outside my window,
outside my window saying hello.
He is calling for aid, calling by squeak.
He is caught down below, making
plaintive plaintive plaintive cries
and hellos for help outside my window.

There is a piano in the background
A piano in my computer on the floor
near the back of my room.
The mouse is out of tune,
the piano is perfectly keyed
to tell me things, ivory and black
making a shade of pale grey like the
mouse outside my window.

The mouse outside my window
is not black or white like piano keys.
But he was sharp and silver for a second
and when I picked him mangled up
I carried also the trap that had broken his leg.

The piano wailed humane notes
at me from the background,
dissonant tones meant to be grey.
It didn’t make things much better,
but it tried and that was a start.

There was a mouse outside my window.

4/10 poem


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