The lesson I was looking for five days ago

Today I met a man who had an answer
that I was searching for.
I knew all along, but forgot.
Its thread was strong,
and I could trace
the seam through his life-
ten times stronger than the grasp of my fingertips
on all that moves through my day.
I have felt devoid,

but tonight I have see humility,
a public speaker
sharing honestly his story.
Sincerely pulling out paper,
handwritten memos and wisdom
on looseleaf to impart,
notes he’s made through life
and the lessons learned.

Many words and truth, but each echoed Christ,
and I have never been so grateful for a man
meek enough to pull out a paper
with Christ lesson written on it
when a room full of students
filled him with unease, making him blank.

My blankness to be filled with Godly words.
The end purpose is only to follow them.

(4/7 poem)


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