i will always be mediocre at most anything
and i’m ok about it,
at least i tell myself that.

i want to let myself
and enjoy.
i will try, and push,
(because this isn’t me giving up)
but with care,
because there’s nothing worse
than chasing heels,
and the fact is, someone’s always higher.

i’m wary of making excuses
in settling and only racing myself
and never chasing first.
i can’t decide if
i’m not striving hard enough for success
or if my simplest gains
are really enough contentment
to ease a lack of satisfaction.

and i know i’m being realistic,
but how often does reality limit?
and what is the line between
unattainable goals and letting logic
dictate your path?

i guess i’m running until i find it.


4 thoughts on “answers

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