what i could not admit then

i am jealous
of things i have not seen
and places i have not been by your side.
i am jealous of your time,
and how you give it to others.
i am tired of semi-same existence
in similar states or locations,
and a lack of acknowledgment
of the acquaintanceship we once shared.

(and in case you forgot,)
i was much more than that.
i am tired of running circles
over my overanalyzations.
i’m tired of making up words
to describe my lack of you
and i’m tired of telling this story.
you’ve never written these same lines.

i am tired and you could
put me to sleep, again,
and don’t forget the nights we shared.
(please.) i’m jealous of your
and ability to forget,
because, after all, it is my room
the ghosts haunt.

you asked me once,
if i was jealous.


3 thoughts on “what i could not admit then

    1. i feel like i’ve written this poem 50 different ways because i can’t resolve the situation or get rid of the emotions…

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