i wanted to write this to let you
and everyone know that i am
beyond happy. and i wanted
to tell them why but i think
the fact that it’s 4am and i’ve
only just said goodbye speaks
for itself. i wanted to remind you
that i love summer. and i love
holding your hand, leaning
against the air conditioning,
because it’s 90 damn degrees
outside. and i love that you’re
so warm because otherwise
i’d be so cold, and it’s as simple
as that. if you were someone
else, i’d make sure you didn’t
think these things that we’ve
been given were nothing special;
because i wouldn’t trade them
for the world. i may not be able
to go to sleep now, because
the last time i went i was in
your arms. i just wanted to
remind you that i can think
of nothing that could be better.


2 thoughts on “better

  1. one time i kissed a girl outside during the summer in florida. wasn’t romantic at all. sweatier than the devil. and i hate the devil.

    but lovely poem. :) really wonderful.

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