egg cartons

you act like your shoes are made of egg cartons.
you dance and leap lightly around, attempting
to preserve their shape in your mind.
they’re recyclable
(verb; reuse, reprocess, reclaim, recover, salvage,
save for a reason)
for a reason.

i don’t know if you can contain yourself
long enough to recharge
but nothing is more annoying than
things that die because they refuse to pause
briefly even.

if you can’t feel the hope in these words,
don’t let me know, because then you may be
too far gone. i am grateful for all you do
for me, but right now i’m far too wise to call
and try and thank you for it.


2 thoughts on “egg cartons

  1. A soomewhat convoluted story within the poem…I almost questioned who was most sensitive in the relationship…just a random thought about the poem.

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