white blinds

some things and times we cannot see
half filled panes with
waving grass and dusty white

it’s colder than i remember in my apartment
and even though i’m allowed
to go outside, i’ll tame the doors.
i’ve never felt more alive and alone
because i’m not dead
but i’ve no-one to share it with.

i am white, cold, and pale inside.
and the only thing i think
i’ve ever done right was let
him say goodbye when he left those
years ago. you’ll forgive me,
though i’m pained when i’m alone.

because it’s not my fault that i’ve
gotten way too good at moving
after the past three weeks.
i’m tired of living out of boxes
and the only decoration for my window
being cheap white blinds.


One thought on “white blinds

  1. You’ve expressed complex emotions in this poem…some are confident…while others speak of the loneliness of the heart…lots to think about in this poem.

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