there is a playdoh wrapper in my garbage can.
there is a pile of clothes and one ticket from
last night show in my pants in that pile.
i think i lost my key there too.
i’ve worn my contacts for
five days straight because i can’t
find my glasses. i have a box
of cereal, a gnome, and three empty glasses
of sunny-d or water
and a half solved rubies’ cube on my desk.
which about describes the state of my everything.
half solved, half done, half-assed.
it’s my life and the state i’m in,
and i’m tired of hurting when i move
and seeing early morning hours on the clock.
i will breathe a sigh of relief when it’s over…

two months from now.


2 thoughts on “college

  1. Vivid! Sorry to hear about a shitty college experience; I hope it was at least therapeutic to express your grief (which was illustrated with strong imagery).


  2. Very nice description of that mood that we all got in during some phase of our college experience…the good thing is that you can see the end. :-)

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