thank you

24 April 2010 § 1 Comment

i have pulled parts and pieces
from others and other times
be become what i’ve come
to know as myself. i’ve run
longer than i thought and i’ve
also gone astray, but i’ve also
had help. and this is a thank
you, mainly to my God and my
savior. You can be a tough
ruler but i wouldn’t trade you
for the world. this is second
to my mother and my father
and my brother, because that’s
what family’s for. to my friends
who’ve stood the hours, built
bridges through my valleys
and who’ve lent me hands to
help and coax me along the way.
i’ve felt the handshake of forever
and i’ve told him to wait a while.
i was put here for a purpose
and i’m fine with trying for
another mile. this is a simple
small thank you, the best way
i know how, for keeping me alive.
i would never trade living
away anymore.


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§ One Response to thank you

  • esotericbj says:

    “You can be a tough
    ruler but i wouldn’t trade you
    for the world”

    We are a part of sisypus’ myth, yet how could we trade the world, our family and friends who are so intimate to us. Awesome piece of poetry…


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