how people are

How People Are

What is it about
The things that people say?
The amusing way they walk?
The laughter while they play?

What is is about people,
The way they toss their head.
The wrinkling of the eyes,
Which could be a laugh instead.

The rhythm that the body
Unthinkingly falls into;
The way the eyes are drawn
Toward one of many hues.

The linking of the mind and hand,
The taunt fighting stance,
The practiced, coordinated rhythm,
Of a flowing, moving dance

The things that people do
In a subconscious state of mind,
When even the gangling stranger
Has poise, rhythm, and rhyme.

Each one makes a person special.
Each one makes a person unique.
You can see them almost immediately
In anyone you meet.

It is the thing that builds us up.
Gives us character, lets us know,
That we can be different and special;
In that we can be alone.

A habit can be laughter.
Out of habit one is mean.
Habits can be good and bad,
And some aren’t what they seem.

Habits make the essence,
The being of the soul.
They are statements of individuality,
A way to communicate with the world.

cheating again. this one is from when i was 14. (:


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