“hanging” and “stress”

hanging (4/16, because wordpress wasn’t working for me last night)

i am stronger than your leaving
despite your inner boasts
i am not a canvas for your weaving
or your ever captive ghost.

i know you have a place for me
to hang upon your wall
but i’m not famous by any means
or dead to future calls.

i am more than a missed flicker
at the shadow of your mirror’s edge.
i’ve learned to out think the thoughts
of you that captivate my head.

and if you wish to hang me
as a reflection of many months
glass and mirror can’t contain me,
and you’ll find out as much.

stress (4/17)

don’t judge me because i haven’t
gotten out of my pajamas all day
and because the assignment i just turned in
is a day (maybe two) or three late.

but i will breathe, and sigh,
because this is life.
and i’d rather smile and pray
about each of these things
that i’ve done wrong
(and one day do better)

than stress now.


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