the clever title i gave this poem

it’s funny how i can find inspiration in almost everything
and anything but sometimes i can’t find myself.

what is life without inspiration? i can find the emotion
but not the shell to pour it into. there are many things
i’d like to be and like to see. so many things to emulate
but nothing to paste them onto. beause i don’t like,
who i’ve become and the one or two things that i can’t stand –
myself and god knows what – are all wrapped up

in the question of where i go from here. and the honest truth
is that i don’t know. i could sleep and never wake up
but god knows, or some-such, what we flippantly say.
i don’t need to tell you i’m frustrated, but i need
to hear myself say it. i’m not sure why i was happy
with a different mindset but i’m all upside down now.

and i hope you’re all happy, because i am a swirling mass
of thoughts and ideas with no place to call home.


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