a biography of sorts

(i really don’t like putting disclaimers on my poetry; it should be what it is. but i’d like to clarify that this poem is not written in pride or in boasting and it’s simply been on my mind and i had to get it out.)

she’s got a way about her,
or that’s what the songs tell me.

but seriously.
she’s got a funny sense
of being herself and a stong stance
of not needing you all the time
(but maybe when she cries).

and depending on the day
she’s grown into
two bold beautiful green or brown or hazel eyes,
(as if normal people have four or five),
and a smile that a little bit different,
but beautiful all the while.
at least, that’s what she’s been told.
and her acne isn’t too bad,
both for the 17 year old she looks like
or the college sophomore biology major she is-
a ball of stress with a clearer outlook
in more ways than one.

she’ll laugh with you over
almost everything (funny)
and she’s serious about her studies
and about her God.
both those roads
have been a while
and both are a little longer,
narrower, harder,
but she keeps pressing on
because she’s not one to quit
either or anything she’s started.

and there are other things she’d like to tell you
but she won’t know to ’til she’s met you
or seen you in a different light.
and you’ll probably be awkward
and strange and you might have a different
smile. but she’ll hug you the same (and
maybe a little bit more after a little while)
as normal people hug normal significant others,
and she will be happy AND content
and know you appreciate the difference.

so say hello, one day whenever.


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