a memory card is a funny thing
it stores more memories than
i know how to believe in.

i’ve always been a fan
or taste and touch and smell.
a photo may be physical, or
unconfined by unlimited
digital potential. when did we begin to
take advantage of technology to cheapen
the process of saving memory?

because the strongest things i can remember
aren’t seen by the eyes. and i don’t want to cheapen them with
the words that won’t adequately convey
the things i cherish most.

i could tell you about
formative moments,
but these are digital pixels
and i cannot tell the taste
with which you’re reading my words.

one day, i will
tell you things i cannot say
and that a memory card cannot contain.


One thought on “remember?

  1. I like the way you end this poem and how you build off the memory cards that we rely upon so much this days as a devise for the poem…nicely done.

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