all the things you’ve taught me

i can walk away now.
the rain falls with a faster cadence
than my feet but the end is the same.

i can also breathe.
not rapid, or vapid,
or shallow, but real oxygen.
you taught me life; i knew,
the compounds and the electronic
impulses, but you taught me another kind
(how good things
can harm you. like oxygen.)

maybe i would have learned them all
anyway, but i’m fine with knowledge.
i’ve always sought to learn and sometimes,
experience is a nasty teacher.

i should tell you truth,
but you taught me how to lie
and to keep people from knowing i’m doing it.

(a bit late, but i drove for ten hours yesterday. april is national poetry month, and to celebrate, a friend and i are writing a poem a day for the month of april.)


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