i want

i want somewhere i can learn.
i want to be able to sing what and when
i want, and everyone to tell me i have a nice voice.
to have perfect eyesight
and never depend on some to bring me food.
can i craft my own

i want someone and something
to compliment and return the favour.
i want my strength to stop running like a dog
following the back of your heels as they
click out the door.
i want every window and door to be open
and never latch closed.

i didn’t want
this to be about you, and so for once
it’s not.
i can’t deny the sounds i’ve heard
but i will take my liberties interpreting them.
and i will write this up all about me
in order to get my life back.

this is not selfishness, no.
this is a realization,
self-motivation in the purest form
and perhaps a little discrimination.
because i’ve wanted to stand on my own for a long time.

and i may shake,
because my fears never leave me alone,
but it’s what i need.


2 thoughts on “i want

  1. Another very good poem…I think letting go of the past is very difficult…but one must if they’re ever going to be free to grow…ah…just a random thought.

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