i have seen the beginning of something beautiful.

white dust, filled with life, dances with the light.
have you ever seen the snow toy with the air?
it’s a silent mourner, like another lost love.
a blanket smothering patchiness that chills,
from the inside out. i can’t afford to lose sleep
over this freeze tonight. if i could give a spark
to set this snow on fire, i would. it lacks breath
already, a flickering, glistening lack of light.
i am cold from leaning against the window,
watching it drop in sheets. i wish it would
simply cover the earth instead of draping
the world in a broken, splotched sickness.

this was beautiful, last night while falling.
only once strengthened could it move again.
the foot-deep gouges bled grey and black
and brown, with piercing accuracy against
the roads leading back to you. i have let
its glistening fire, held deep in my heart,
die down. there will be no clouds, for the sun
shines brighter today than it ever has before.
for me, it only illuminates the mistakes
i’ve made. i’d rather return to a cloudy white,
a blanket of smothering sickness to keep
me in place and from running back to you.

the ghost of all that’s within me runs dry.


One thought on “snow

  1. Reading this poem out loud reminded me of the silence of snow falling when I was a child…the cold, the seperation from others, and urge to sit by a warm fire and feel the warmth of another’s hand…thanks!

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