i will call you on your kisses every time,
and over time i hope you’ll call me back.
did you think i wouldn’t notice your fading?
my mind did not want to admit it, but i lack
the mental tethers to keep you near.

you will leave me stand, and i’ll call out
to hear the sound of my keening echos.
i wonder if my dying words will have more
or less to do with you leaving me alone.
i wish i could have kept you near.

but i find it’s not nearly enough, to let
my desperate words ring out to you.
my fingers rake the air; your siren’s call
was more than i could resist or do
anything about, until two days ago.

in the past forty-eight hours, i’ve
given up. i don’t really know what,
but i’m tired of keeping myself strong.
i don’t know what it will be enough,
but something else called me on.

i’d prefer you close your mouth. i don’t
want to call you on your lies tonight.


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