Spiders do not usually adhere to their own webs. However, they are not immune to their own glue. Some of the strands of the web are sticky, and others are not. For example, if a spider has chosen to wait along the outer edges of its web, it may spin a non-sticky prey or signal line to the web hub to monitor web movement. Spiders have to be careful to climb only on the non-sticky strands of their webs.
– wikipedia


if i saw
all around,
would you catch me
when i fall?

the fright of hanging
will likely
choke and kill me.
my lungs and my heart
will break with words
i can only start
to form on pages.

i (don’t) know what i mean.

maybe you can walk
these lines i see,
silken lines, some a
net of safety, some
sticking me to doom.

your lenses
(magnifying glasses
and mirrors)
keep me spinning,
my kinked circle,
round and round.

an expanding
silky reprimand,
my safety net, my trap.

(i’ve learned,
but i forget.)


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