i almost think nothing is prettier than what the open road represents. a long drive is one of the few things that truly frees me. i understand the necessity of responsibility, and i will gladly shoulder my portion. but running from my problems is a habit from the past that still strongly echos through my mind, and it’s a desire i’m much more inclined to cater to than to change.

i enjoy the solitude of the highway. the diversity of a drive encompasses the mind’s ability to dive into a cesspool of thought or blank out completely. i receive few opportunities where i am obliged to stop thinking. i work and study hard, because it is my responsibility to do my best. i help others, because it is my calling to be of service, to mean something. i am rational and critical because that is how my past choices have made me. rarely do i feel justified in laying down these (dare i call them) abilities i’ve been given. it is a blessing to be conscious and not have a single overanalyzed thought in my head.

this all boils down to what i can escape from, and one of the few ways i’ve learned to do it. each mile on the highway is farther away from things i don’t control. each moment concentrated only on keeping my car parallel to the center line is a break on an overtaxed brain. if i were less responsible, i’d wish my life a highway.


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