sunsets and stars and words that start with ‘s’

you’ve since reminded me of everything
i started to love and failed.
it’s a bitter and sweet remembering
that you still remember me as well.
when you showed me that bitter road,
did you suppose i’d not come home?
and when you set back to grab me,
did you not surmise i’d move on?

this is a bullet’s kiss for a selfish wish,
a long silencer recommend.
i’d suggest if you desire longer rest
that you show your face again.
our sleeves, clothes, and overcoats
cannot secret the broken bones.
i’m sick of the gruesome fight,
but i can’t settle and be alone.

i’ve never seen the sky so red.
i can’t stand that i never
preferred a sunrise to a sunset.
(can you see the sky from there?)
perhaps, simply all i know to do
is supply farewells and goodbyes.
i’d go back and ask you to stay
if i had seen you let go.

i’d like to see you look up
to my window and see me looking out.
i’ll let my face be lit by the stars.
you can let the sky silhouette me when i fall.


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