and i will contemplate the edges

i can’t know that you’ve broken every promise you ever made
because i haven’t talked to you to find out.
i guess that speaks for itself.

yes, this is for you
(and i don’t care if you know).
i shouldn’t be this pathetic, but then again,
i always am.
never seeing past
the smiles in your lying eyes.
oh, how high i’ve lifted
the blinds you pulled around me.

is it possible that we’ve pulled so far away
that i don’t know you anymore?
did i ever know you from the start?
or do you have a subconscious
resetting and forgetting,
at the beginning of every end?

and how do you define that then?
because i’m gaining back the moments
for every hour
that i ever spent with you.
and i’ve got new lives
and new friends to love
and hold onto.

but just because i’m being strong
doesn’t mean i’m able to move on,
and i keep your pictures close at hand.
even if i can’t look at them yet,
i’ll trace the edges.

if we can compress a memory,
and time to a single frame
(a glossy 6×8 to capture the best
or the worst time of our lives)
perhaps (just for now) i can forget,
or remember less,
of what you meant to me.


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