move along

I’m really grateful that you gave up.
because I’m honest with you.
I guess it was too much for you to do,
but you never followed through on your promises.
I kept them close to my heart for about a week
before I saw your hands lingering on hers,
and your eyes stopped seeking me out from across the room.

I know
complicates and frustrates,
but was the ten minute walk
so much less convenient
than next door than you couldn’t
continue make the effort?
(That, doesn’t make sense,
when we went the whole summer
twelve hours away.)

I know things are hard for you, love.
I know you, something you could never seem to do for me.
But I wonder, how I wonder
(when I could have made them so much easier)
why you left me alone.
I’ll be fine, but I’ll also move on.


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