it’s not that i dislike to see things fall apart; i’m impartial in general until i know the specific case, and it’s a case specific circumstance as to what i would feel about each thing falling apart. i do not enjoy the intricacies of human emotion when those intricacies are taken into the account of a broken relationship. i prefer things to be neat, completed, filed away without anything left unaccounted for. human nature does not easily lend itself to my preferences. i dislike two people’s abilities to take the same conversation, idea, or thought in so completely different ways. i dislike the pride or shame that overtakes people so thoroughly that they can not admit to their hurt or indignation. it’s the lack of honesty, i think, that unravels what could be a neat, simple transaction. i don’t like the variables. the lack of consistency. i dislike open ended, unresolved problems. we have become too tactful, too assuming, and the lack of blunt honesty prohibits growth and can hinder relationships for years, decades, or can leave a relationship between two people shattered forever.

reconciliation is possible. watching two peoples’ relationship deteriorate as an uninvolved third party has always been an awful experience for me, especially (as the case often in a book or movie) if i know both peoples’ sides of the story and a simple, stupid misunderstanding or misinterpretation is the cause of the deterioration. i’m a fan of reading the end of the book, because i have a complex for things being settled in the end. i could care less about the ending being happy; i just want everyone involved to know all the facts and then make an informed decision. i hate knowing that if example “A” had known thing “X” about example “B”, the outcome of the relationship would have been completely different.

each circumstance deserves full confession from all parties involved. it is then up to each individual to decide which fact has relevance in his/her decision to react and what the reaction will be. all ends filed away and accounted for in that they are known.


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