so what if i gave up on you
half a year ago.
and why do i have
to try too hard
to keep things so we’re close.

i always felt
mine the only reach
that was spanning the skies
between the clouds
and the ground that locks your feet.

if i told you to close your eyes
i’d find you looking around (every time).
your gaze would land on
every little thing that’s ever given me insecurity.

so what
if it’s taken me this long
to see that you were nothing but a ring of fire
to me, and instead of jumping though
to applause, i used your hoop
to circle my heart.

the singed cardio edges i can’t replace,
but i’ve put you far away.
i burned my hand too,
putting distance between your entangling
flickering seduction
and my wounded self.

bandaged, but still reforming,
i’m the one looking now.
all i see are limitless clear skies.


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