happy valentines day

play each hand
with my eyes open
after they’ve closed theirs.

i gather,
watch and wait
and warrant
that i’d have an escape
planned faster than you’d know
i was gone.

cold calculating
move i make
moves me further into
a mind that only moves
in evaluated rhythm.

i slipped the other day
and i waved once back into
the spontaneity i still
have always craved.

the water was dancing on the cars,
to the rhythm of the wind’s fury.
you complained,
about the roar,
but it calmed the rushing in my ears
and let be breath without mental
processing over my every move.

it was then i could do
what i’d been longing to do.
one last breath to release caution to the wind
that was blowing through my mind
which promptly roared mental mathematics away for good
(a move i’d not accounted for).

i lean across the center and
kiss you
an anonymous move in any book
(and maybe not so random after all)
you kiss back.

(thank you. for everything. this is a weird one; context isn’t 100% real life. but we’re weird. i like you. a lot.)


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