final – carry on

it’s been a while,
far too long,
and as long as i can,
i wanted to carry on.
but you’re dragging me down.

and i realize now,
that i didn’t intend
to ever pen words to you again.
and i’m sorry if
i just can’t stand my own self
when you’re around.

i’m broken and tired
and tired of being both.
i can feel my stomach in my throat,
but boy, i’ve never let
myself be sick
or mourn
for you.

i won’t cry now,
because you’re still not worth the tears
but i’ll shed a drop or two
on behalf of
all the years i spent
pining after you.

and this will be my final wave,
my final wave goodbye.
you can sing these words
to the final tune
of your final serene.

in the end,
i’ve only written this for me.
it’s my final goodbye.

carry on…


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