she has
lashes like spider’s legs,
and she will
spin you a web
to wind yourself in.

she will use those legs
to throw out strings of
green and gold and darker hues –
lying lines of color to trick and mislead.
as she is pulling you in, each beautiful
gold and green and deep glistening strand
of sticky deceit is wound into
the iris circle of her eyes.

that web
(colorful, patronizing,
desperately beautiful)

and her dark agile lashes
frame the iris weaving of richest hue.
like stark silhouettes of sentries
making sure you never find your way out
of the window colors of the forest
that make up her eyes.


One thought on “lost

  1. i really like this one. very visual, very creative, very original. especially putting the eyes and a web as synonomous.
    -and now the nice guy-
    i like your beautiful, spiderweb eyes.
    you’re over-critical. a guy would be lucky to be forever in your eyes.

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